The beautiful properties of a wooden sign are remarkable.

November 4, 2009
Bannockburn Green

An unusual shopping center. I made and serviced many sandblasted signs at Bannockburn Green

I always liked this simple sandblasted redwood sign. I had made so many by this time I remember how easy this one seemed to be.

October 20, 2009
Another from back in the Duo sign days

Another from back in the Duo sign days

Grrrrr! Frankensigns monster! This sign was in many pieces & was rotted away in areas. I dried it thoroughly for at least 8 weeks and then performed massive reconstructive surgery. After that I overkilled the paint work to make sure it stayed sealed. Now it has a new life. Hurray for recycling!

August 11, 2009
Reconstructed redwood sandblasted sign

Reconstructed redwood sandblasted sign

I think these were the longest sand blasted redwood signs I ever made. There was another on the other side of the entryway.

July 23, 2009

20' X 44" redwood signs. I didn't do the design but they were very tough to build.